Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Whiskey Situation

Sad to say, we are officially out of Bourbon. The last 3 cases moved out of our tasting room yesterday afternoon.

Fortunately, Rye Batch #2 is here to save the day. We are bottling it fast and furiously and have some available in the tasting room today. It tastes very similar to Batch #1. One subtle difference is a strong note of honey. When we were fermenting the grains that went into this batch almost a year ago, we noticed a honey smell. Apparently, this continued through our distillation and barrel aging program.

Like Batch #1, we also finished in local sherry barrels which gives a little sweetness and a raisin-like quality to this otherwise spicy whiskey.

We're really happy with the result and hope you can find some time to come out and try (and buy!) it.

1 comment:

MARY said...

Thank you Martha and thank you Finger Lakes Distilling, your McKenzie Rye is excellant. I love scotch but this poduct is local and supports NYS farmers, I think I may have found an excellant replacement (sorry Scotland). Please keep up the good work, I look foreward to a visit to the distillery.

Mary Fowler
Cape Elizabeth, Maine